Benefits of a programming focused course platform

The right tools for engagement and effective learning

When it comes to developer education, many companies and individuals face a common problem: how to effectively teach and learn new technologies and keep up-to-date on the latest trends. Online course platforms have long proven to be a valuable tool for just that and allow for a very flexible and asynchronous way of learning new technologies.

However, the course platform landscape is still quite unsatisfying when it comes to specific knowledge, such as programming. Many platforms have a generic structure and offer courses on a wide range of topics, but lack the focus needed for teaching developers. Even those offering tech-related content often have shortcomings in how they allow instructors to present concepts and create interactivity for their students.

Oftentimes, generic platforms focus on providing a good experience to instructors and students of varying topics, leaving instructors with cumbersome drag-and-drop interfaces and a limited toolset, compared to coding large parts of their course themselves.

This is where Codestruct's focus on programming courses comes into play and provides an alternative with a laser focus on developers on both sides, the instructors and students. Instructors can provide better classes by integrating their own React components in every lesson and thereby create unique and fun experiences for their students. You won't have to deal with drag-and-drop editors but instead can use code to build out your course.

On the students' side, they can expect courses to be presented with a clean interface that allows note-taking right in every lesson, as well as quick Q&As with the authors. Due to the flexibility, our instructors have when creating courses, the learner's experience can be more illustrative and interactive than just going through video after video, resulting in better knowledge retention.

By focusing on programming courses, we provide the tools and infrastructure to deliver successful courses without compromising on design or interactivity. From payment providers and pricing pages to welcome emails, Codestruct offers a comprehensive platform for developers to create, share and consume tech education in a highly visual manner.

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