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Start building your courses today with our powerful MDX editor, integrations with CodePen, Figma, and more. Start paying, only when you're ready to launch.

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Code your course into existence.

Create your courses like you code with our MDX editor.

Bring your own React components

Full support for Tailwind CSS

Mix video content with Markdown and JSX

Integrate all the things.

All the essentials you need to create interactive courses.

Make learning fun.

Simple and powerful learners experience.

Skip the boring parts.

Spend time creating your course, not your platform.

Receive payments through your preferred payment processor. Easy to set up, secure by default.

Automated transaction emails

Automatically send welcome emails to your students, and follow up when you publish new content.


Share your course with the world, using an automatically generated and beautiful product page.

Don't start from scratch. Steal our components.Use community-made components and make your course more engaging than ever before.

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experience your students will love

Not sure how Codestruct can help you create better courses in less time? Here are a few unique things you can do with Codestruct.


Show your video content alongside your custom react components for a more engaging learning experience.

But that's not all...

There are even more features to explore.

Granular pricing and access.

Create unlimited tiers. Limit student access per lesson.

Create as many pricing plans per course as you want and limit access to certain lessons, based on the plan a student is on.

Import existing students.

Import students who already bought your courses.

You can import students via CSV or manually. That way, once they sign up, they can automatically access your course on Codestruct.

Help learners achieve their goals.

Simple and powerful learners experience.

Our learners experience is simple and powerful, allowing you to collect feedback and help your students when they're stuck. Additionally, notes allow your students to jot down thoughts or questions and share them with the community.

Create together.

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Fast and secure.

No tracking. Ever.

We use the latest technologies to make courses fast and customizable. We keep tracking to an absolute minimum and never sell anyones data.

Presell your course.

Fund your course before its fully done.

We allow you to presell your course before it's fully done, allowing you to find out how much interest there is quickly. You can even let buyers know that the course will only happen once a certain threshold is reached.